Your conversations about change

What do you say to yourself about your plans for 2019?

What do you say to yourself about the goals you’ve set yourself for this next year?

The conversations, or inner chatter that is part of our daily activity of the mind will and do make all the difference.  Our internal conversations, and what we may say to others both begin to create the reality of our success with our dreams, ideas and plans.

What do you say to yourself about dreams and new ideas?
What conversations do you have with yourself on the changes that you know you’ll be taking on if your plans are actually to truly progress?

Maybe you let yourself off the hook?  Research tells us that lots of us set goals and sit back. Just setting the goals is a great start but it ain’t enough.  We may feel better because we have a set of goals.  We also have to make change, take action.

“ Our plans and goals don’t just happen by mysterious intention. They happen because we make ‘em happen through our actions and adjustments each and every day.  We must prepare and educate ourselves for change and actions”

– Mary Unwin

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