Yes you can reach out


Yesterday my golf-deprived husband had a call from a golfing mate saying, “Let’s meet for a coffee, I just need to talk to someone other than my partner!”  As the song goes “We all need … some body to lean on…”

As a life coach my observation is that we all need help from time to time and especially at this challenging moment.


“Can you readily name 2-3 chosen people you call on to be a listening ear or to help you with a particular dilemma or to make a decision? Or maybe being a loner is working well enough for you?”

– WalkTall Mary


About once a week I enjoy a phone chat with a chosen colleague or friend. Sometimes the call is a check in, sometimes a call for help sorting out a particular concern.

I’m also glad to be part of 3 groups of women who meet regularly: one of business associates and the other a weekend yoga-meditation group. I am accountable in both groups for my contribution and results.

In my capacity as a life coach businesswoman, I also have mentors and professionals that I regard as supervisors.

You know that making agreements or being accountable in conversation with a mentor or coach keeps you on track in business. The same applies in life. There is also a cost to not being formally accountable to someone for your actions and results.

“A problem shared is well on its way to being halved and then resolved.”

– WalkTall Mary


Make this your time to reach out and share what’s bothering you or someone you know. A second pair of eyes, especially experienced eyes, gives a fresh look at an old problem.

If you are a woman or man who is stuck, maybe losing confidence or slightly bored, then reach out. Connect with me for a no obligation chat to fully get the potential of life coaching to raise spirits, to resolve tensions or to give a renewed lease on life.

I offer free 45 minutes to anyone who wants to explore possibilities and get back into walking tall. Connect with me this next week.


Mary x