Design your space for great
conversation to happen.

A person to person conversation by making a phone call can make all the difference to progress a project, a connection or get you advice for an unfamiliar challenge or risk.

Phone conversations can yield more in a shorter time than a thread of emails or messages. Sure, emails and messages have their place in progressing business and relationships. Phone calls these days are overlooked as a means to speed up connections and collaborations.

It’s your call. A phone call opportunity NOT taken is a wasted opportunity to build a relationship and move from prospects to clients or customers.

So don’t be a phone avoider. Book yourself into our 23 July Team Walk Tall for more on creating space for effective phone communication with feng shui expert Louise Weavell.

3 phone tips to help you make those calls

  1. In any initial message or email you send, or voice message you leave, say something like: I’ll call you in a few days to connect further.”  Make a note in your calendar of the time you plan to call. Cluster phone calls together for efficiency. This is planned follow-up, which is so vital to progress any project or relationship.
  2. Be completely clear on your intention for the call you are about to make. What exactly is the purpose of your call?- Why are you calling?
    – To set up a face-to-face meeting time?
    – To follow up on a proposal you’ve made or a referral?
    – To check if your prospect has seen your email or checked your website?

    Bonus tip: Instead of negotiating a new meeting place with someone you’ve met at a network meet, use that same location to meet again. Saves time and you’re meeting on neutral ground, familiar to you both.

  3. As you prepare to make your call, have all notes in front of you, be in business-like clothes and put your best smile on. Research on phone calls tells us that a smile starts the conversation you initiate more easily and effectively.

“How comfortable are you with taking risks or

doing something new or unfamiliar?”


Mary x

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