Who knew?

What can you rediscover about yourself?


Today I rediscovered my orchid plates. They reappear as I’m clearing out a kitchen cupboard. Hand painted slightly over the top art deco era with scalloped gold trim.

Thing is my dishwasher awaits the end of lockdown to get fixed so the plates now have their day or week being appreciated and lovingly hand washed.

Someone has suggested during lockdown that we take on a new habit to keep us positive and active over tricky lockdown times. This is a fabulous idea and I’m embracing walking around my local parks like never before. Also calling random connections to check in.

It’s also possible to take on or rediscover attitudes and opportunities we’ve unconsciously set aside. Perhaps some apparent logic or influence seemed easier or more important. Or we may have inadvertently crept back to our comfort zone after taking a risk or making a mistake. A can do attitude can be battered or bent out of shape if we lack resilience or feel unsupported.

I’ve noticed in these winter months I’d dropped self-compassion and taking my time, replacing it with a certain stern vehemence in the way I set myself tasks and timelines.

Before long, judgment of others creeps in, so that not only am I tough on myself but also on those around me. Something is lost in that toughness.


“If we remain open minded and taking gentle care of ourselves new or long forgotten insights and potentials arise.”

– WalkTall Mary

Now the orchid plates have their day again. Inherited from my English grandmother, they were often judged to be not dainty or beautiful enough to be used, instead mostly consigned to back of cupboard storage. Now they have their moment, their time has come. I’ll let you know how they go.

If we remain open minded and taking gentle care of ourselves new or long forgotten insights and potentials arise. They enlarge our opportunities and capacity to give energy and love to others. We grow. Business grows. People around us flourish with us.

If you find yourself delaying and waiting to renew positive attitude or attribute within yourself, then connect with me for a free phone chat.

My orchid plates are having their day, just as I am.

You can, too.



Mary x