What’s your money for?

When you think of making money – who is it really for?


What conversations do you have with yourself about money and making it?
What do your customers or clients have to do with you being a successful money-maker?
If you charge lots, is that a rip off for them (you secretly feel)?
Is there always a lack of money? I once worked with a woman who on payday always said, “Well this’ll put food on the table!”

So why do you make money?

. . . “to keep the wolf from the door” (maybe a limit on abundance?)

. . . “to make ends meet” (What ends?)

. . . “not sure, don’t really know” (Directionless?)

“We make money, or abundant money, when we have an absolutely clear, measurable intention for it, that we care deeply about and visualise for ourselves every day”

– WalkTall Mary

Get Clear on your Value and Direction

Hazy or drifting on your plans in life or business?

  1.  Check on and renew your values, visions and plans
  2. Restore clarity on your choices and priorities
  3. Mid-year review of your plans and goals
  4. Set New Directions and gather the courage to realise your ideas

In life and in business lots of our time is spent thinking about money, counting money, measuring success according to our income plans.


Mary x

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