WalkTall stand still

10 steps for new directions


When I was a kid the song went,

“Walk Tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye” 

I heard a fond father in the supermarket queue remind his tall teenager to stand up with his shoulders back. The lad jerked his head in response, giving himself a neck crick.

So why walk tall? To walk tall is about conscious awareness, attitude and action. Walking tall matters because we matter, because we have something to say, places to go, a contribution to make.

For me, walk tall is –

  • Breathing deep, rolling the shoulders back and down
  • Allowing the heart to open, expanding awareness and vision
  • Scanning the eyes out and ahead, looking at and into the path forward
  • Stepping consciously in the direction of your dreams and ideas

Sometimes it’s the right time to stand still. Be at a standstill, not knowing much, simply contemplating. Taking a moment or a month to relax, reflecting on what’s past and choosing what’s next. Meditating, walking, mentors and writing help with the times of stillness, reflection and new directions.

Take time to be still and take stock. Then consciously take the lessons of past experience and past stories to better set your choices and directions going forward.

From that standstill time, make decisions with renewed heart. Walking tall is –

  • Deciding what not to do any more, choosing priorities.
  • Making moves, taking action in chosen directions.
  • Stepping back from old stories about who (you think) you are
  • Moving forward with new ideas, new company (including your own)
  • Stepping into new ideas and adventures
  • Moving on up

WalkTall into 2019,
Mary x

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