What’s in the cupboard for a trash or treasure review?  

Last week I cleared out a storage space as part of a quarterly review. Trash the unwanted, keep the treasure. Reaffirm possessions.

Our spaces, many businesses and the people that run them tolerate norms that include treasures, trash, and some unknowns. The treasures are our values and ways of conducting life or business.  Trash may be habits or patterns that creep in unnoticed, holding us back from achieving our potential.

“Clearing out spaces, thoughts and ways of being for a good look-see is uplifting.”

– WalkTall Mary

Why clear out or review an office space or an annual plan in life or business?

  1. To check if you are on or off track.
  2. To clear out less effective ways of doing life or business.
  3. To discover or repurpose the treasures, those strengths that, given a polish, will realise your big ideas more easily. That’s change-making.

What happens if you don’t do that regular audit?

  1. Over time, you or your business will drift off track. There’s a useful analogy of the flight path heading for Hawaii that swerves by one degree, unnoticed. As the flight progresses it goes increasingly off track, missing its destination. Unchecked, our daily busy-ness, our actions and distractions creep in and lead us away from our true values and priorities.
  2. We become dissatisfied because we are not living or working according to our values.
  3. We drift away from realising our dream and may even create drama or impetuous change to jerk ourselves back onto some sense of achievement.

Clearing out spaces, thoughts and ways of being for a good look-see is uplifting.  We identify trash to throw out. We also gather up our treasures, those parts of our lives and our businesses that truly make our hearts soar.

Take that time sooner, not later.  Regain the vision and the joy of satisfying your values in the way you live and work, the way you spend your days.


Mary x

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