Time scheduling – 3 strategies

Why does it matter?


Why does it matter that you get the monkey off your back?

We all know time is money but what’s this mean day to day?

Last week I enjoyed valuable conversations with 2 clients who need motivation to stretch themselves beyond everyday distraction or lost motivation to really take their daily time choices to the next level.

Why were they stuck?

Because they did not truly appreciate the importance of apparently everyday decision-making, and allowing their time and distraction levels to blow out.

Blowouts of time and distraction mean extended working days and delays to delivery of longer-term goals. Time is money.

3 Strategies for Time Mastery


At the end of each and every working day, schedule your time for the next working day, including start times for separate tasks and meetings.

This sets you up for an efficient use of your time right from the get-go, helps retain focus and reduce distractions. To prevent time jamming – cramming too many tasks or meetings into your morning – be ruthlessly real in your estimates of time and allow more than enough time for travel, parking and the activities themselves.

Be fully aware of distraction – the people and tasks that take you off track from your planned schedule. Set aside scheduled times each day to answer phone calls and emails and to meet with team members.

Take a leadership role in your team whether you are the boss or parent.

Firmly request that when the child, co-worker or employee comes to you with a problem that they also arrive at your desk with 1-3 options as solutions to these problems and a recommendation on their choice of solution to the problem from the options.

Asking people to come up with options and solutions in advance of meeting with you encourages powerful decision-making and helps those you work with – family or workplace – to be responsible for coming up with their own solutions.

Connect to your big why.

The big hairy audacious annual goals you set yourself in the New Year are coming up for completion.

The decisions you make each day, each hour combine to give you the time to deliver on those goals.

Keep your mind and heart open to your big picture so that you make the connection between that and your everyday schedule of busy-ness.


“Let every man (or woman) be master of his/her time”

– William Shakespeare


Allow time to work for you in every moment by being aware of your choices and decisions.

It’s your time and you’re worth it.

Celebrate your success.



Mary x