7 Goal Kicking Steps to your best year

The day after you die

Reflection time

7 Goal Kicking Steps to your best year

“The day after you die, someone else will sweep your kitchen floor” (ancient proverb)

What’s your daily action list have to do with winter?

Sure, winter is a grand time to rug up and practice hygge. And, vitally, this is your opportunity for time out and valuable reflection. A MUST, not to be missed because …

1. Too often, the tasks we list and move through each day or week are simply maintaining our busy lives and work routines without much thought to the bigger game.

2. Recent research tells us that creating spaces of time in our busy-ness gives us valuable reflective musing time …. time for important ideas and insights to arise. Insights about us, our time, our energy.

3. We must take time to check in with ourselves, on what’s going well and less well, for our businesses, our health, our enjoyment of life and work. If we don’t our lives and personal health have ways to stop us in our tracks, forcing rest and reflection time.

Winter is the season to retreat from or delegate those everyday tasks (sweeping the floor) and to make time and space for real reflection. This reflection is a must because it’s part of taking care of ourselves.

1. What’s going well and less well for us?

2. What are we most enjoying about how we spend our time?

3. What daily actions can we now choose add to our plans to have what we really want, truly desire?  What stops us from those actions? Find that out!

If you’re not reflecting on and planning your life, then who or what is?!

Walk tall,

Mary x

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