Teamwork feedback counts


You’ve likely noticed that #teamwork is trending on Linked In at the moment. So who is on your team?  How do those closest to you in life or in business help you to lift your game, to continue the journey towards playing your best game?  How do your team help you to shine, so that you have yet more to give, to contribute?

Truly supportive teamwork gives us the voice and the courage to get out there and bring our best game.  The women and men on our team not only encourage us but also help us to bring extra shine to the work we do. 

Feedback is an intrinsic part of teamwork, of incredible value and yet rarely asked for. For sole business owners feedback can be tricky to obtain. 

Feedback and focus groups are gold to a sole business owner. How often do you seek to really know what your market and your tribe think of your offer, of how you are going, of the direction you choose into 2019?   

Mary x


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