Discover how to make online connections serve your success!


How comfortable are you with taking risks or doing something new or unfamiliar?

For life or business to stay satisfying, fun and fulfilling, we must begin the new as well as maintaining our more familiar actions and projects.

There may be times of less action, contemplation and reflection as we learn from the past and plan new projects and adventures. But if we lack the bravado or desire to say yes to new opportunities, then these quieter times may become periods of inaction and procrastination. New adventures and new projects involve risk and often involve new learning and new company as well.

Being out there online to promote ourselves or our business offers is one adventure many of us avoid or feel ill-prepared to plan and deliver on. Speaking up in public, especially to promote ourselves is another opportunity we often avoid

Team Walk Tall gives focus to making and deepening our online connections, vital to business success.


Marketing mentor and brand alchemist Sarah Tovey and Linked In strategist Teresa Brandau Stranks will together unpack the magic of online connections and how making those connections serves our success.

  • How and why connecting online gives us success
  • What to do and not do online
  • Building relationships online

No more unproductive procrastination! Take action now.


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