Stepping your way through uncertainty

Recently I dressed up for the day in a favourite comfy yet business-like outfit. I wasn’t going anywhere til a Zappy Hour zooming with galfriends later in the day. Going through the routine of smartening up as though for an outing helped me get thorough a day of uncertainty wondering about my expected C-19 test results.

Next weeks Zappy Hour has women as the theme so we’re all to wear maximum jewellery, by #shoppingfromthecupboard rediscovering treasures and weird heirlooms/gifts we’ve been given and have long put away for a later sorting out or repair.

“Now we can make time to find our treasures, the old family heirlooms and the fake pearls, just for fun. We can also make time to explore the qualities within that serve us in this crisis time. Treasures like strength, mind fitness, self-care, self-love, contemplative sitting on the couch”

– WalkTall Mary

Yes this is a tough time and we must be strong. Collectively, co-operatively, we are #strongertogether. And yes this is also a time to remember to be kind, firstly towards ourselves. As we practice self-care and self-kindness then we are more able to help others with consistency and energy. Laughter matters too, helps us all to get through. Share the laughing online with your friends to create a #rippleffect of laughter.

Some enjoy quieter times. Staying in touch matters to many of us. Join in with whatever will raise you up to live well and laugh often as we gently move ourselves through this time.

Connect with me if you’d like a chat.


Mary x