Onward and upward

Into the new normal


I drink herbal teas all day. Working more from home I find I have 3 mugs: a green one for Walk Tall meets, a Pause mug for in between and a Mickey Mouse mug for time out/fun moments. That’s one of the new ways I bring structure + boundaries to my working week.

Lately, we’ve had to be inside a lot more. Now in Australia at least we are beginning to emerge into some sort of new normal. This is a unique time of exciting possibility, renewed potential and invaluable opportunity. Changes afoot for sure, if we so choose. “Where are we going and why? How will we get there?” mused a client last week.

Thing is, unless we get clear our own plans, we can too easily allow someone else’s plans take over our priorities. We may not get to our own stuff. Worst case, we could be lighting the sparklers on NYE wondering how exactly it is we’re ending the year dissatisfied, wondering what happened to our own special-to-us priorities and purpose.

If we’re vague, unclear and unprepared to see and give shape structure and voice to our future, then inevitable change happens around us in ways that tend to overwhelm us or leave us suspicious that we’re blown too far off track to find our way back. Who blows us off track? We ourselves if we are not purposeful about our ideas and desires.


“If you don’t have your own ideas and plans, the plans of others tend to take over your time and energy.”

– WalkTall Mary

When we’re clear on our own intentions, then the ideas and plans of others around us can be discussed and negotiated so that both parties reach a dovetailed set of clearly stated intentions. Everyone is happier. We get stuff done, important-to-us stuff.

If we don’t know what we want or intend for the future, how can we be successful in getting there? How can we ensure our intentions and ideas are taken into account in the team or the family?

Take yourself to New Years Eve. What a year to look back on. What would you do now if you knew you could not fail to realise your ideas and affirmations into the future? Ideas for winter musing and spring emergence. Take this moment to ponder the possibilities you see before you into the future. Enjoy this never-before opportunity to re-emerge into the new with your own bright purpose and sparkling potential. It’s all new, all you.



Mary x