On track? How’d you really know?

In busy times it’s easy to lose track. We may become distracted by procrastination, by opportunities for prospective change that turn out to be not relevant to our plans for success. We may find ourselves busy dealing with one deadline or crisis after another and lose track of the big picture. That picture is a clear image, of where we are going and why. That big picture gives us

~ a reflection of our values both personal and business

~ shows up in our decision-making

~ shows up in the opportunities we take or choose to refer on

~ a measure of our where we are going

We’re approaching the time of year – winter in Australia – where we can usefully check in on our trajectory. Is the direction of our activities. still aligned to our plans, to our big picture for the year? Is our daily and weekly research, attention and effort helping us achieve our goals or are we out there moving our own goals posts?

“We must regularly check in on how well our values are serving us and our vision for our success”

Are those values still serving the big picture of that success? Which values need to be dropped to make way for new values which better serve our purpose? A review of our values, of the track we are taking to achieve our success creates renewed motivation. Reviews, mid quarter, mid year check-ins tells us if we are on track. Otherwise we may subtly change direction over time and not even notice until we fall short of the results we envisaged.

Take time to notice and review your direction. That time taken will keep ups on track for success. It’ll pay!


Mary x


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