3 ways to make decisions of value  

A recent client conversation with – let’s call her Penelope – highlighted how much contemplation and informed decision-making both count towards the actions that most matter.

In our conversation, Penelope developed 3 ways to gather both time and insight to prep herself for decisions of value and ultimate prosperity.

  1. Take time to meditate with a wide, open mind, allowing space for new thinking and new ideas to arise.  Contemplative walking, a sitting meditation in the early hours in a quiet space, a quiet stroll along a favourite beach or in the bush are all meditations.  All give us the gift of meditative moments of true insight.
  2. Scribble, scribe or draw out possible scenarios to give a visual picture of ideas, choices and factors influencing your decisions.  This is a picture on paper of what we want, what we are planning. Pencil, pen and paper work much better then typing, as the research reminds us.
  3. Talk, preferably to a passionate listener. Someone you trust to listen more than speak, who is more curious about your ideas and opinions than their own. A coach or mentor helps you nut out possible hurdles and how to move through them.

“Things happen, magic happens, when we make the move from insights and ideas into decisions, lists and actions”

– WalkTall Mary

From intuition and insight, for anything to happen the way we plan, we must then make decisions. Ideas ain’t nothing without moving on into action, preferably action in the order we choose, the order that brings us the results we plan for, with allowance for the occasional reality check. 

There’s nothing more powerful than growing our grand ideas, creating audacious plans and making ’em happen. That’s how meditations give us magic, boldness and change.

Question for you: 

What decision you make now would make the most difference to your plans and ideas for the future? What happens if you don’t make that decision?


Mary x

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