Get clear on decision making  

Ever noticed exactly how you make your decisions and take action?

Maybe you make your decisions in relation to your values, or to your goals? Your decision to attend new networking group (or not), arises from a check-in with your goals for the month or year.

Later, a decision to attend that network for another meeting is made from that same strategic thinking. Or your decision arises from an emotion of rejection (who is rejecting who I wonder?) that somehow this meeting is “not the right thing right now”, even though persisting with relationship building is part of your marketing plan for the year.

“If we too often allow emotions, especially negative or even passive drama to cloud our thinking, then we do not progress towards our goals.”

– WalkTall Mary

If we allow ourselves off the hook, making decisions that step us away from instead of towards our goals, then we may well be making decisions from an overly emotional standpoint, discounting thoughts and intuitions and clouding our thinking.

“Our goals arise from ideas and visions, from purpose and passion. The thinking mind and the feeling heart combine to create a great set of goals.”

– WalkTall Mary

If we allow ourselves to fall and drown in emotional waves, using only high emotion to inform our decisions, we lose perspective. We react emotionally instead of feeling and thinking through possible action steps.

Feelings and intuitions are valuable to our decision-making. Naming our emotions can serve to encourage us to think and feel more deeply about a decision.

Get clear on how you make decisions

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Why bother with personal growth or professional development?

  1. To overcome isolation or loneliness
  2. To fulfil specific tasks such as goal setting
  3. To inspire decisions and actions in life or business.
  4. To connect with other women or men.
  5. To try out new thinking, new ways of being productive and happy


Mary x

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