Let’s celebrate

Celebrate, why not? What’s to lose and gain?

That time is arriving, has arrived.
Time to surrender the everyday, for what is often called the silly season.
May as well smile…and celebrate and even get out the festive earrings….

It began with the birthday lunch of a good friend in my business world. I helped other friends put up a magnificent tree full of lights and wonder. If the trees and decorations are in the shops, why not at home too? Next week we go to a Celebration of Life for a special and much valued friend who passed recently.
Celebrations go well when we know who and what to celebrate, and why. In that celebrating, what we are truly grateful for? 

What’s happened that went well … and less well?

What has been gained or lost and left behind?
What’s been learned?
What’s to be let go of, or perhaps differently understood?
What’s been forgiven?

Looking back to question ourselves
To smile at the good times we enjoyed
To learn from the tricky times where maybe we drifted off track.

Celebration is an opportunity
To review and reflect
To share and glorify our small successes and our triumphs
To learn from our mistakes and forgive the mistakes of others
To take the treasure of the learning,
To celebrate and love the company we keep
To look forward to renewal and different or changing times ahead.

Celebration can be about an abundance of good company, gifts, food, drinks and enjoyment plus the traditional magic, mystery and fun.
Time to seek out those festive earrings and the inner child. Time to smile and play, to celebrate a life.

Mary x

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