Focus and distance


In these times of uncertainty and change, here’s what I’m focussing on:

  • Keeping well up with kindness and care for myself and for others, bringing and giving my best even from a distance
  • Sharing humour and jokes because laughter helps me, and others, with equanimity and perspective
  • Staying healthy, fit and active, with structure in every day
  • Exploring how to navigate uncertainty more and more, by nurturing my own capacity for self-encouragement, reassurance and trust
  • Taking this time to connect with my nearest and dearest here and far away, every day, every week
  • Keeping up with my writing, reading, research/study /meditation
  • Reminding myself that this too shall pass. Meanwhile I can be adaptable, flexible, practice my resilience and lightness of being
  • Practising acceptance that this is the new normal and I can let go of wanting things to be as they were
  • Pivoting my business direction to notice how the things might become, to new opportunity, to new ways of connecting together
  • Noticing what I can control, change and influence and do that, letting go of all the rest
  • Working out what I can do and do that, distancing myself from the news as well as from a personal distance
  • Feeling gratitude for my circumstance and compassion towards others in more difficult situations
  • Washing my two hands

To Walk Tall now is to stay safe, stay strong, stay actively loving and connecting even from a distance.



Mary x