7 Secrets of how to change workshop melbourne

Are you happy enough?

Time to take care of yourself


Are you happy enough?

Not happy because you just bought a yacht or no-one near you is ill, but happy in spite of the happenings of life that press demands that seem overwhelming.

If your capacity to withstand the tricky or tough challenges is stretched then you need to be taking great care of yourself. That may include a café chat or a phone call with me!

“The more challenge you have to manage, the greater the

imperative that you take care of yourself and more…and

more every day, hour by hour”


– WalkTall Mary

When I, unwillingly, was moving countries with a partner already o/s and 2 primary aged children, I had time to get organised and really importantly needed to carve out extra time for my own wellbeing.

In the midst of decisions about schools, selling a car, renting out a house, choosing schools and bank accounts plus housing in a new, unknown city, farewelling friends, the lists went on and on.

I got through all this by taking more care of myself, not less.

What state of mind best serves your self-care, so that you

can stay happy through the uncertainty of the new and unfamiliar?


– WalkTall Mary

7 Secrets of how to change workshop melbourne

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