Change for 2019

7 questions for you


It’s New Year, so what’s new? (that’s a bonus question, not one of the 7 lol)

My mother always advised me to work out what I don’t want to do, as a way to discover what I do want to do.  This is certainly the time of year to reflect, review and let go of the old.

Letting go of the old allows space, time and energy for new beginnings, new plans, new projects, new ways of being in life or in business.

1. What did you most enjoy about last year or the last few years?

2. Of past actions/projects you chose to take on, what was most successful or enjoyable for you?

3. Into 2019, what 3 habits or patterns do you choose to change?

4. What do you need and choose to stop doing, right now?

5. What do you choose to take on as a top 5 priority this year?

6.  What decision will you make to give you a real change to the way you reflect and then shape your plans for change into 2019?

7. Thinking about your values, what new project or idea can you take on to make the biggest difference to you 2019?

Research tells us that pondering and actually writing your answers, yes good old pen and paper — better still your journals, will engage your intuition and most insightful wisdom and thinking.  A vision board brings your ideas alive. Talking about the changes you plan cements your resolve and allows instant mentoring.   

Are you ready for the changes you envisage for this brand new year? What needs to happen for you to become a change-maker in your own life and business? 

Walk Tall all year by making your plans count now,
Mary x

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