Are you on track and worth listening to?


There was a year in my late teens my mother and I decorated the tree at home on Boxing Day … after all we’d been away for the Day itself and having gone through the sudden death of my father that year. The enjoyment was there with the added extra sense of freedom of choice about task completion.

Perfectionism is a habit we pick up along the way – perhaps to avoid criticism from teachers or parents. Also because we feel we are not quite good enough. It’s not real or achievable. It takes too much time.

If you find yourself over-thinking, delaying on decisions or not quite finishing projects, I can help. Let’s meet for a no-obligation chat. Text me and we’ll set up a café chat or phone call.

Are you on track?

  • How’re your ideas, plans and good intentions going?
  • Do you have a sense of achievement yet?
  • Are on target with your 2021 goals?
  • Have you noticed you are able to move through difficulties such as procrastination, sudden lockdown changes and fuzzy focus?

Who is listening?

  • Do you really feel heard?
  • Any idea how good a Zoom participant participant you are?
  • Are you getting your message across effectively?
  • Do you feel polished and engaging when you stand up to speak at a networking event?

Back to perfectionism

I once worked with a clever and intelligent woman who had much to share about adults and the way they learn.

In the time I worked with her she had completed a manual that was ready to send to the printers. It was never sent because she could not accept that it was complete, just as it was.

Perfectionism wastes time and self-esteem.

“I can help you move on and share your shine and experience with your tribe, with your market.”

– WalkTall Mary



Mary x