Are you different?

Do you stand out?


Do you stand out from the crowd, like a diamond in the midst of all the ordinary?

If you want to take a lead in the market we cannot just be better, we must also be different. This means to gather up the power of your conviction that you have something special – product or service to offer – and you are prepared to put yourself out there, be different, memorable, passionate and with your own special quirk.

Choosing to be different in the packages we offer to market is an example of what is sometimes called disruptive marketing. This is part of being your special best, being a self leader. We must all get clear on our point of difference, our USP (unique selling proposition) and use that to help us in the marketplace.

Do not be the cheapest

If we’re not clear exactly how we, that’s us, our offer, our product or service are unique and different, then we’re part of the crowd, which means we’re competing with all the ones in a crowded market of competing businesses all offering the same product or service. Being cheaper, giving discounts the zone of slashed profits and even business failure, unsustainable for SME’s (small to medium business). Unless you are a multi national you cannot afford loss making offers to bring in the customers and lead them into other purchases along the sales funnel.

Instead aim to add value and focus on the features you offer in your uniqueness, rather than ever compete on price.

Be different, not the same

They may not realise it, but our prospects out there are asking, “Why should I buy you, why are you the best accountant/business coach for me?

The lesson for success at market is to be absolutely clear that you are not just another provider in the wellbeing, women’s health or coaching or whichever sector. It does not work to be the same as your competitors. Instead, embrace your difference. It’s pretty hard to claim to be the best in your field if your offer, features and product is the same as your competitors! We can all claim to be different but our prospects want to know WHY! So being just the same in the features of our business is death to successful marketing.

Upset the norm

  1. Be different. Upset the apple cart in the way you present to market. that’s disruption.
  2. Be a tollbooth. Create limited entry or a gateway to accessing your services. In return for an email, send a free report, e-book, fee online/cafe chat or product sample. You are giving value and more value rather than a discount. This satisfies the Law of Reciprocity. (Look it up!)
  3. Then and only then charge for the add-on to that first free show bag or free assessment.

These 3 principles mean you move right away from competing on price or being just the same as your competitors. As you move away from the crowd of offers, then you cannot be compared with anyone, because you are different and that brings success. Be that diamond in the rough!


Mary x

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