Are you bottling and getting anxious?

Find relief from bottled up emotions


A couple of decades ago, someone wise reminded me “It’s ok to get angry!”

I felt a weight lift from my heart and have learned since then that I can choose to express annoyance frustration or anger in effective ways that can be heard even by those who disagree with a point of view.

In these challenging times it’s helpful to not sweat the small stuff, instead take pleasure in small things around us, to be out in nature, to feel gratitude. And let’s remember frustration, disappointment or anger need to be acknowledged not ignored.

For our own well-being and calm, we must also avoid bottling up strong emotions such as fear, sorrow, anger or anxiety. Appropriately expressed, we can lance our strong emotions and even be heard. A careful venting, openly expressing our fears and anxieties to a chosen listener brings relief from bottled up emotions. Folks may not agree with us but at least we are not suppressing our deep feelings. Suppression of emotions leads to anger outbursts, anxiety or depression.


“As we feel our way gently through tricky emotions, we can move on to enjoyment of small pleasures…and feel deep gratitude that the sun appears from behind the clouds and that Spring is here.”

– WalkTall Mary


I’ve had a difficult few days managing both fear and anxiety arising from my 2 members of my UK close family choosing not to vaccinate for reasons of personal health and not feeling vulnerable in the rural setting. Asthma and young grandchildren are in the mix, giving rise to this fear and anxiety.

While I cannot agree with this seeming (to me) complacency I can choose to respect their right to different points of view and to carefully vent my feelings in response to their choices.


“Thoughtfully speaking up means to express my feelings, not my thinking judgement about views that I cannot agree with.”

– WalkTall Mary


It’s fine and helpful to me to express my fears and anxiety about their choice but not to load on a bundle of intellectual righteous judgement which might make me feel better but would only entrench their opposing views. Strong, authentic feelings simply expressed do SO much more than strident statements of right and wrong in keeping relationships with people who matter such as our clients and our families.

May you and all your connections be fully fit and well.



Mary x