Plan 21

7 secrets to a bright year for you and your plans

  • Review and celebrate the best and worst of your 2020
  • Strengthen and build on the awareness + attitudes to be your best
  • Questionnaire to unpack the stops, starts and real strategies of your 2021
  • Defining success for you, start a vision board
  • Individual coaching times (2) with Mary
  • Choosing values to give you your success in life or business
  • Deepen your ideas and intentions of who you choose to be in 2021

Small online group workshop February 5 and March 5 11-1pm

Individual coaching by arrangement between and after the 2 sessions.

What people say…

“Thank you for a fabulous workshop …just what I need in preparing for the year.It has given me clarity and a clear direction plus some timely reminders too!Things I knew but have let slip …I will be planning NOW!”
– KM, Small Business Owner


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Plan 21: Your opportunity to get clever and confident through the uncertainty of 2021.
Unpack the values and attitudes you need to develop a resilient and motivating plan for your year ahead.


Your total 6 hours of PLAN 21 includes:


  • 2 x2 hours small group workshops (value 440)
  • 2 hrs individual coaching (value 375)


  • 2 workbooks (value 70)
  • and all new PLAN 21 questionnaire pages (value 45)

Total value 930