Always already good enough

9 secrets of courage, resilience and success, your way

Do you get that sinking, hollow feeling that you’re somehow not up to the mark, not strong, clever or simply just not enough to be a success at the business of life or to try out new adventures?
Are you ready and confident to be your ultimate best?

  • Notice where you fit in, what you have to offer and give!
  • Gather courage to fail on your way to your version of success.
  • Empower yourself to feel that you really ARE good enough to create your own version of success in life or business.
  • Become the ultimate you, your version of a successful you.

I offer small group or individual workshops by arrangement with you.  Discover how my workshops give you your own way to walk tall in life or business.

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What people say…

“Mary asks great questions to really have me thinking about my beliefs and values, where they come from and how I can make a few new beliefs about myself really support me in my future directions.” RM