7 Goal Kicking Steps to your best year

Are you up for adventure?

Are you up for adventure?


How often do you have a go at something that you’ve never done or not attempted lately? Something you’d usually choose to avoid doing, that frankly freaks you out?

Adventure to success

Understanding the value in taking a risk


When I’m travelling, there are times along the way I remind myself, ” this is just a mini adventure…so I’ll enjoy it, just as soon as I get started.” To talk something we fear down-to-size, call it a tad of an adventure. This works to make the apparently impossible feel much more possible. And then get started. Make that decision. No delay, simply an adventure to success.

On a Danish island, there I was, on a long bike ride in a head wind, no clear idea of where we were going, when we’d get there, whether I could keep up with the others or how soon a tea break might happen. Plus the unexpected hills to climb or crawl up, depending on the hour and number of hours since my last Danish pastry.

“We are better than we know. When we trust ourselves to give something our best shot then the adventure begins” – WalkTall Mary

Adventures are there for us all, all the time. We choose whether to take a risk with something unfamiliar or uncertain. Or not. Adventures, new projects, new relationships do get us to a new place within ourselves. There’s always something to learn about ourselves, often about how good at something we are becoming, once we make a start, that first step.

Yes, the unexpected might well happen. It’s only when we test ourselves that we give ourselves a chance to learn, to practice, to do better than expected, to shine at something new. We discover we are better than we know.

Learning to balance

A time to grow


“Its only when you’re in deep water that you discover how tall you are” – WalkTall Mary

In Lithuania, there was the Segwey trip to the beach through the town crowds. (Yep that self-balancing personal transporter.) Anticipating this adventure, I wasn’t sure if I’d stay on, or fall off. Self-balancing while stationary on 2 wheels wasn’t in any scout/brownie badge in my past.

As I mostly mastered the unfamiliar art of balancing while stationary near other folks and other segways, I began to look around, to enjoy myself. Now I’d love another go! Can I Segway to work I wonder?

See you soon,

WalkTall into your own adventures.
Mary x