Individual Mentoring

Coaching is a transformative conversation with purpose, potential and a future. Yours.

I offer you options for your coaching or mentoring conversation, starting with a complimentary chat to help you understand my walk tall approach and get to know and see how working with me resolves old problems and creates new potential and renewed motivation and success for you in whatever area of life or work you choose

My signature walk tall conversations include 2-3 month programs as well as 6 and 12 month mentoring or coaching.

ReBoot Your Life or Work: A 2-3 month program to give you a head start on whatever holds you back from confidence and success

ReBoot Mind Body Spirit: focus on renewing focus and confidence towards happiness and sustainable ongoing strategies for good health

ReBoot Mind Business Spirit: focus on renewing or strengthening your business attitude and skills towards your work or business stardom!

Walking Tall is about building and strengthening your attitude and positive action. Moving forward with all the awareness, frame of mind and skills you need to move you towards what you want in and out of your working or business life and out of life altogether.


Imagine riding a bike. Pedaling, looking ahead. Keeping up a pace quick enough to allow balance, momentum and progress forwards. Too slow and we may wobble, even fall off. Too fast and we may crash. Too long a look over our shoulder slows our pace. We may even stop. Or fall off.

It’s the same in a conversation with me.  A glance behind to past events gives insight and also keeps us aware, safe, on track and moving forward.  Your forward momentum and focus is never lost.  Walk Tall conversations asks insightful questions, questions designed transform your thinking, keeping you moving forward towards new choices, new plans, new possibilities.


Working with Mary gives you a new sense of riding your own bike, setting new directions and giving you a renewed sense of purpose, the initiative and strategies to move you forward in whatever direction of life or work you choose.

Discover new perspective and insights into old problems, a new awareness

Regain self-trust, self-belief, and new positive, supportive frame of mind.

Let go of limiting beliefs and past regrets, forgive and move on

Develop new habits, supporting you and giving you personal power

Move from procrastination, doubt and fear to planned positive actions

Regain confidence, motivation and resilience to better solve problems

Set new pathways to success and achievement and strategies to get there

Plan your time and priorities. Become accountable for your plans of action

Set and achieve long held goals or new directions at work, in business or in life

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