About Walk Tall and Mary Unwin

Thank you for you unconditional guidance with my journey into the unknown and beyond! I needed your direct, positive, caring and yet disciplined guidance to get over that last bit of fear …that I might not be good enough
WT Solopreneur

I’m an experienced educator, trainer, mentor and coach, specialising in transition and change, working with you through times of transition that may present you with tricky problems and troublesome challenges.

Changes for you at work or in business, returning to study, starting new work or a new life phase are times when focus gets lost or confidence wobbles.

Change also offers you opportunities for insight reflection, growth and new directions in life, work and business. I can help you gather those insights and more positively and productively navigate change.

If you find yourself stuck on that roundabout of procrastination, lost confidence self-doubt, going around in circles, confused about your priorities, values or direction, then I can help you take check out or take a look at all the possible ways off that roundabout and build your bravado to step into new change and potential. Connect with me for an informal chat to discover how walk tall attitudes can move you on to new beginnings.

I’ve noticed there is always something to gain from life and the changes it inevitably brings, always something new to learn. I’m old enough for mistakes, change and upsets to have been part of my life and the getting of wisdom. I’m also young enough at heart to love ongoing learning and passionate about helping others to take the learning from what comes up in life or work, to make something positive out of even the most tragic or tricky of happenings.

I love the forward looking attitude of my walk tall coaching-mentoring, taking the learning from past events and stepping on into a brighter future of success. We all have choices, to live life to the full and I choose to walk tall

  • Accredited Coach
  • Master Practitioner of  NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Practitioner of Deep State Repatterning ™
  • Graduate Diploma Adult (Literacy) Education
  • Program Coordinator, Adult Return to Work or Study Programs
  • Outreach Adult Basic Skills Unit, Manchester Education Authority UK
  • Member of the International Coach Guild (ICG)

What Past Clients Have to Say about Mary

Life changing, personally and in business
KG business team leader
She (Mary) immediately connected with me, helping to distinguish my goals and relieve blockages. Mary’s methods cut straight to the chase; accessing areas within me I knew existed, but had trouble accessing. With her help I identified a source of energy and power I knew I had but was reticent to let surface. Mary made it OK. She shows great compassion and sensitivity on issues close to my heart. I thoroughly recommend Mary, she has a calm presence and quickly taps into the power within
GDA. University Department Head
Thanks for all your support and expertise… your enthusiastic insightful comments spur me on
LBF. Photographer Artist
I have heard people discussing the benefits of coaching. I am a total convert and recommend that everybody take the time to give it a go.

I felt totally comfortable and safe to engage in exploring a complexity of issues ideas and possibilities. Your approach and insights have been enormously valuable as I work through complex changes and new directions.

Your clarity of vision and care assisted me to move forward with confidence onto the paths that I have explored with you.

Mary you have a highly developed sense of integrity and can move me forward with honesty and without judgment. I recommend you to anyone. Thank you for your experience and professionalism

LBF. Photographer Artist
My sincere appreciation for the coaching to make changes and increase my quality of life. I have felt complete trust, rapport and curiosity on your behalf during all of the sessions. With your guidance I have overcome many limiting beliefs and have been able make choices and changes that have led to improved relationships with myself and others.

I would recommend your services to anyone that would commit to making positive and rewarding changes in their life.

JL Office Manager, sole parent
Mary is a wonderful coach, always listening without judgment, helping me to work out dilemmas. She asks great questions to really have me thinking about my beliefs and values, where they come from and how I can make new beliefs about myself really support me in my future directions. I love her humour and the stories she paints of where I am going in my new life!   Thanks always Mary.
RM Business Director
Thank you for the ditty and your wonderful session today. You have a natural gift for coaching and a strong sense of compassion and empathy. I felt totally at ease and able to be honest with you, as we both know without those components moving forward isn’t possible.
DS Aged Care Professional